You are a runic mage whose glyphs have run amok! Defeat arcane abominations using a card-based battle system. Build your deck as you progress... and play your cards wisely!

Made over the weekend for the Stop Waiting For Godot Jam, this jam was our first time using Godot after sticking to GameMaker Studio 2 for all other jams.

Inspired by the classic Mega Man: Battle Network games on GBA. Check the series out if you've never played!


  • Arrows: Move / Navigate Menus
  • Z: Basic Attack / Confirm
  • X: Use Card / Back
  • Space: Draw New Cards (when timer reaches 0)

A game by Bokonon, Yossarian, and turgidharrier.

Music by turgidharrier

Rated 4.5 out of 5 stars
(2 total ratings)
GenreCard Game, Strategy
TagsDeck Building, Godot, Pixel Art, Roguelite


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Please, make a downloadable version for PC.