In this slice-of-life, cryptid sim; you are Puk, a pukwudgie of Wampanoag folklore. Explore an open world, gain lots of cryptozoological abilities, and complete a myriad of tasks for cryptids and spooks alike. Featuring multiple endings! With appearances from The Chupacabra, Sasquatch, Mothman and more favorites. Will you complete Puk's busy day?


  • Arrow keys: move Puk / menus
  • Z: Use ability in Z slot / advance dialogue / assign Z slot
  • X: Use ability in X slot / assign X slot
  • Enter: Open / Close ability menu
  • Tab: Open / Close task menu

A game by bokonon, yossarian, and turgidharrier.

Music by turgidharrier. 


Rated 4.5 out of 5 stars
(2 total ratings)
Made withGameMaker
TagsAction-Adventure, Game Boy, GameMaker, GBJam, Metroidvania, Monsters, Open World, Pixel Art, Top-Down


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hi, I can not find mokele, please help


Is there a downloadable version? This is lagtastic in a browser.


I cannot exit the dialogue, when I press Z, the dialogue ends and at the same moment it starts...

Yeah, this is a known issue! Sorry! You can restart the game with "r". Will upload a fix when the jam's review period ends.


This is a fun game and really impressive jam game. I found it because I also just completed a jam, VimJam2, and I'm going through some game updates to publish an update before they announce the results Monday.

I searched for games that play in browser and were made with GameMaker Studio. I was immediately drawn in by your excellent thumbnail and charming art. Perfect game for the jam and just in general, a great time. Wish I'd had my eye on this jam.

Can I ask how you handled your game size? My executables will go full screen and maintain their aspect ratio, but I can not figure out how to make HTML work in full screen switching and feel like I've gone crazy searching forums and the GMS documentation

Your game isn't fullscreen, but it's nice and large. Did you upscale every single sprite and the room in GMS before exporting, because I've thought of that, but it seems like a lot of work when there has to be a better solution.

Thank you, I appreciate any guidance you can provide. I'm still new and VimJam2 was the first time I completed a jam on time!

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You just need to make your viewport larger but make sure you keep the same aspect ratio of the camera. And scale it with   multiples of 8 to not distort the pixels 


Thank you! I'll try it out.

Happy to help!





These retro-style games are great! Is it okay if I play this game on a twitch stream? I'm hoping to stream some small indie games :)

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Yay! I'll try to play it on  my next stream.


I really wanted to like the game, but I think playing it in the web browser does deminish the experience. From what I played it's a nice game, but I'd love to have a downloadable version.

submissions are locked! but we will be uploading a bugfixed windows version as well when ratings are over

Oh! My bad! I didn't check if the Jam was already over. I hope my coment doesn't affect your score in the Jam.


I'm currently having issues with the sasquash photo. I don't get whay I have to do. could it be that since the camera HUD bugged I can no longer take pictures of myself?

Also I have a bug with the chupacabras floor. It wont count it as finished task

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These are two softock bugs in the jam build! We are impressed you made it far enough to find them and I'm very sorry you've encountered them. We have them patched and a fix for these will be in the post jam release 


thouroughly playable, joyously artistic, classic bokoyoss digital charcuterie. we'll have another, thank you. no, we dont tip.


It's always a good day when the Fun Base crew stops by! didn't know you were streaming but I caught the VOD. Thanks for playing, as always!



sadly I couldn't complete a single task haha, i might need a guide

Feel free to hop into stream where I played your game or join the community discord ;)

discord code:



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Thanks for playing!


bug: If you talk to the agent on the left side you get stuck in an infinite loop


thanks for the report! this appears to not occur every time you talk to him, we're trying to hunt this bug down for the Post Jam version, though


I think the bug occurs when you try to talk and hit a character at the same time.

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had what appears to be the same issue: seems that (when dialogue is originally triggered by an action and not Z) during the first frame after exiting dialogue the z-press status is stale triggering an immediate restart of dialogue (but you can still move by one pixel every time and slowly crawl away)


This is helpful; thank you!