Made ~mostly~ on Halloween/All Souls Day for Halloween/All Souls Day

You're a dinky black bird and I graciously ask you to  hop, roll, peck,  and flap your way across a cemetery. This game is quite short and should take ~3-5 minutes to complete.  

(rolling and/or pecking should be required to progess)

A Game by Bokonon (Matt Lempitsky), and no Yossarian =(
Ending song by @turgidharrier
~secret song~ Oh! By Jingo! by All Star Trio (Public Domain)


Hop Right - D or Right Arrow
Hop Left - A or Left Arrow
Jump - W or Up Arrow (mash to flap and fly)
Peck  - spacebar
Roll - Hold down while falling from a jump

SFX - bfxr &&

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