Crab Boil: Tactics was made in two weeks.

Crab Boil: Tactics is about crabs battling crabs, as they scramble to escape from an ever-rising pot of boiling water.

Build a deck from over 50 unique cards as you scuttle, leap, bomb, unearth, collect and conquer a randomly generated, grid-based 3D world. Be mindful not to destroy the ground you’ll need to walk on later! Hey, what are these crabs even fighting about?

Not sure what a card does? Try using it! If you get trapped, don't worry; dry yourself off and try again. You'll meet friendly crabs along the way!

After each round, you can pick a new card to add to your deck, including an exclusive Special Card used by a rival crab in that round. You can also elect not to pick a new card at all… but who does that?


Restart | R

Rotate camera | Shift + Arrows, Kp 0 + Kp 8624

Select | Arrows, Kp 8624

Confirm | Spacebar, Enter, Kp Enter

Cancel / Back | Esc, Kp -

A game by Bokonon, Yossarian and Turgid Harrier.

Music by Turgid Harrier. 

C   A   R   D

C   R   A   D

C   R   A   B

B   O   I   L


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